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Lets Encrypt ssl certs for nginx reverse proxy

This post explains how to setup a ssl certificates for a reverse proxy. The example I have used is running ubiqiti’s self hosted UNMS network manager (see FreeBSD 11.4 nginx 1.18 certbot 1.50 (uses python 3 (3.7.9) Lets encrypt is a free service that allows people to automatically create 90 day ssl certificates. It […]

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Raspberry Pi 3 – Ubnt Unifi Controller 5.x

Ref: Install Raspbian Jessie Lite : Disable Wifi  / BT: Set Static IP on Ethernet port: Also for Static IP:      

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Installing WordPress on Ubuntu VPS

Some Rough notes on Installing WordPress on Ubuntu VPS GBServers – XenPV-512 service,  setup forward and reverse dns Add local user & disable root ssh Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu: or apt-get install lamp-server^ Install WordPress Secure with Firewall – open only required ports

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FreeBSD 9.1 configuring imap mail with dovecot

I’ve been running FreeBSD servers with imap for a while.  Untill now I’ve always used the uw-imapd server, but it’s not great at handling large mailboxes, so I’ve decided to move to dovecot’s imap server. To install dovecot2 on freebsd 9 I use the ports collection as follows cd /usr/ports/mail/dovecot2 && make install I additionally […]